6 simple steps to fix Ubuntu and restore your privacy.

By default, Ubuntu sends some of your information to third parties without asking you to opt-in. Follow these 6 simple steps to fix Ubuntu and restore your privacy.


linux privacy

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Email Encrypted: using a custom domain with

Encryption and decryption of data always happens locally on your device upon login. All data is end-to-end encrypted and only you can access the data with your password.

After upgrading you are the admin of your Tutanota Premium account. An additional input field will appear under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Extensions’ -> ‘Custom domain’ where you need to enter your domain. Activate it by confirming the activation button.

This activation process is only successful if you have configured your MX and SPF records for your domain correctly. The MX record is necessary to relay emails for your domain to the Tutanota servers. The SPF record marks the Tutanota server as valid sender of emails from your domain. You need to configure the following DNS records in the settings of your domain name provider:

MX TXT v=spf1 -all

Depending on your domain hoster, it could also look like this: HOST NAME: @ HOST NAME IP ADDRESS / URL RECORD TYPE @ v=spf1 -all TXT Record

Please note that changes to your DNS records are not immediately available, but can take a few hours to become active. You can check your DNS settings here:

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